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If I had a hammer - How to do better at EU level for EPBD & EED reviews to deliver jobs & growth for CEE countries?

The EuroACE Informal Session gathered around 25 participants from all over Europe and was the opportunity for EuroACE to present .

The Session allowed for in-depth discussions on what would be the best ways to improve energy efficiency legislation at EU level in order to have the biggest impact in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in terms of job creation, competitiveness and restoring growth.

The event included from:

  • Adrian JOYCE (EuroACE Secretary General),
  • Céline CARRE (Saint-Gobain and EuroACE Vice-President),
  • Hélène SIBILEAU (EuroACE Policy Officer),
  • Jens LAUSTSEN (EPBD Concerted Action Coordinator) and
  • Yamina SAHEB (Senior Energy Policy Analyst from OpenExp).