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Crazy Toading

“Crazy toading” means doing things differently or in unexpected way. The concept is based on the analysis of the travel toads make, every year, to reproduce. Each year, in a gregarious manner, all toads move to the breeding area. However, few toads choose to go in an opposite direction, or use the tunnels environmentalists dig for them under the roads. Toads that follow conventional tracks are often crushed by cars. While those who venture in unconventional directions, survive, reach the breeding area and save the species.

Similarly, some individuals "hack" the future. Guided by their instinct, they take unconventional directions and explore new paths which may appear absurd for the majority. Over time, these unexplored paths open new opportunities and help human’s evolution.  Christopher Columbus was a "crazy toad". He went west to find India and Tim Berners-Lee, was another "crazy toad" who did use a military network to create Internet.

"Crazy toads" are everywhere. Some of them are in crazy mode all the time while others are crazy in intermittent manner. Today more than ever, "crazy toads" are needed to help our societies overcome the ecological, social and economic challenges they face.

“La fondation des Treilles” hosted during a week 34 crazy toads working on a Manifesto for the 21st century. The Manifesto is be published on September 2017.